10 Best Low Maintenance Pets

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Bringing a pet home is wonderful but it’s important to consider the maintenance associated with this decision.

Some pets are difficult to maintain while others require nothing more than food. This is why it’s smart to sit down and assess your options before making a life-changing decision.

Here are some of our best low maintenance pets for those who want to keep things as simple as possible.

Top 10 Low Maintenance Pets for 2020

1. Betta Fish

a better fish in the water

The average person assumes all fish are the same and should be relatively easy to maintain. However, this is untrue and not all fish act in the same manner or have the same needs.

This is where betta fish come into the equation.

Betta fish are great because they’re easy to manage [1], require nothing more than food, and will swim around without issue. As long as you can find a well-sized bowl, some vegetation, and the right food, you are well on your way to maintaining this pet. The simplicity of betta fish is what makes them appealing to first time owners.

If you want to get a taste for having living fish in the house then it’s time to start with the betta fish. They look gorgeous, have quite the presence, and are easy to maintain at the same time. It’s the complete package.

2. Rabbit

rabbits can make a great low maintenance pet

Most people think about rabbits and assume they need a lot of upkeep to stay healthy.

This is untrue because rabbits do a wonderful job of staying self-sufficient as long as they’re eating the right food. As long as you earn their trust, they will become lovable pets that are hopping around from place to place without causing trouble. You can also keep them in a separate area and see great results.

The best part is, they don’t crave human interaction and aren’t going to need it as much as you would think. This makes it easier for those going out for school/work.

If you leave town a lot, then a rabbit may not be your best fit, as they’ll still require many of the same things that dogs and cats need.

3. Leopard Gecko

a leopard gecko in the wild

Reptiles are often mentioned in these lists because they are relatively easy to manage and don’t get in the way. They can stay in one place and are going to remain healthy throughout their life.

Of course, this doesn’t mean all reptiles are easy to maintain.

However, the leopard gecko is among the easiest to maintain and is well-noted as a great entry point for first-time reptile owners. Focus on investing in a world-class terrarium with appropriate lighting and they’re going to be happy. They should also have enough place to move around and sleep.

Once you have the terrarium in place, everything else is going to be a breeze.

4. Rat

three rats in a cage

Rats have been given a bad name over the years and are often assumed to be “dirty” when that is not the case.

A rat loves to keep itself groomed and doesn’t like to roll around in the mud as people think. This is why more and more people are starting to push towards bringing a pet rat into their homes.

Rats are great pets [2] because they’re nocturnal and don’t waste a lot of energy during the day. They will sleep for a long time, require minimal food, and keep themselves clean too.

As long as you give them enough room to move around and stay safe, they will have a great time and live a long life too.

5. Sea Monkey

a new sea monkey kit
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This is a name you wouldn’t think is going to make a list like this.

Sea monkeys are underrated as pets because they don’t have a typical profile as others do. They are not like rats, hamsters, or snakes, but they are quite impressive once they’re brought home.

A sea monkey requires nothing more than a good water purifier, food, tank, and eggs. Once you have taken care of these things, the sea monkey is going to slip into the background without making too much of a fuss.

They are remarkably low maintenance and look wonderful too.

6. Guinea Pig

a guinea pig in the grass

Guinea pigs are outstanding because they do well in households where owners leave for long hours (i.e. work, school).

They can keep themselves busy and don’t mind roaming around in their cage throughout the day. They won’t get antsy and they will continue to be the lovable pet you brought home on the first day.

For guinea pigs, you should look to set up a proper cage with quality food, water, and toys. Once these are in place, you are going to have a happy guinea pig on your hands and they will have quite the personality too.

7. Snake

a grass snake with its tongue out

Snakes are often associated with certain species (i.e. venomous ones).

Yes, certain snakes are venomous and should be handled with care, however, they are not the only species on offer. There are several non-venomous, easy-going snakes available for those willing to bring one home [3].

Snakes are wonderful because they don’t eat a lot, stay happy in the same spot, and can live without too much maintenance. The simplicity of owning a snake is why people loving owning one as they try to enter the world of reptiles.

8. Hamster

a hamster cleans its paws

Hamsters are gorgeous and often admired for what they bring to a home.

They are generally associated with being some of the best pets to own. However, a lot of people don’t realize they are also incredibly low-maintenance, which is a must for those who don’t have time.

For a hamster, all you require is a simple cage, bedding, and the right type of food. It’s important to do your research when it comes to these things because setting the right foundation can go a long way. Once you have set the foundation, the hamster isn’t going to take a lot out of you over the long-term.

You can easily play with them or they can keep themselves busy in the cage. It’s also recommended to get them toys so they can stay active.

9. Turtle

a water turtle

Turtles are amazing as pets because they don’t mind staying on their own.

If you are someone who has to go to work or school, a pet turtle is a great choice. Since they are known to have relatively long lifespans, they are capable of staying healthy as long as they are getting the right kind of food. You want to do your research regarding what they eat and how they live to ensure they can stay healthy without issue.

You don’t have to keep a vigilant eye when it comes to turtles. They don’t move around a lot and can stay in a smaller space without creating trouble.

10. Ferret

two black footed ferrets in a field

Ferrets aren’t always as straightforward as the others mentioned in the list of low maintenance pets, but they are easy to maintain. They have certain traits a pet owner has to be ready for, but it’s always going to come down to maintenance.

In this regard, ferrets are simple to manage and don’t take a lot to live healthily.

Ferrets tend to love sleeping and will spend long hours doing so throughout the day. They are also easy to feed and can be quite lovable too.


When it comes to low maintenance pets, these are our top options available for those who want a lovable addition to their family. For those wanting a simple, structured approach to pet ownership, these are the best pets to choose from. Each one is unique, fun, and easy to maintain at the same time.

This makes it easier for those who don’t have a lot of time to spend with their pets and want things to remain as simple as possible.


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