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The unexpected happens. That is why having reliable pet insurance can really help you better prepare for those times. While infrequent visits to the vet might not be too costly, there are chances your pet will experience some sort of emergency at some point.

Therefore, choosing to invest in pet insurance comes down to your risk tolerance. If you already have a huge emergency fund that you set-out for your pet, you might be able to get away without having it.

However, for those that don’t, you will want to protect yourself with adequate pet insurance because it can keep you from having to fork out thousands for unexpected emergencies, surgeries, or other treatments.

Choosing the right pet insurance plan isn’t as easy as it sounds.

After all, there are so many different options available in the marketplace. You want to find the one that is best suited to offering you the best coverage.

Two of the best options on the market are Figo and Trupanion. Below, we will be going over more details of each.

Coverage Comparison


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Figo pet insurance offers a wide range of coverage options [1].

This doesn’t apply to pre-existing conditions, but you will be able to get reimbursed for various bills including surgeries, emergency hospitalization, prescriptions, treatments, chronic conditions, exam and consultation fees, imaging, hip dysplasia and more.

When it comes to what isn’t covered, you will be responsible for paying for pre-existing conditions, spaying or neutering, pregnancy, cosmetic surgery, cloning procedures, experimental procedures, and preventative care.


Trupanion pet insurance

With Trupanion, you will be able to get various coverage options including emergency care, accidents, illnesses, orthopedic issues, chronic conditions, prescriptions, and cancer [2].

Best of all, even if your pet doesn’t have an official diagnosis, you will be able to be covered.

These problems could range from frequent vomiting to a change in weight. Also, the conditions that your pet has developed before birth are covered with Trupanion including cataracts, heart disease, liver disease, among others.

Who Has Better Coverage?

Because Figo offers add-on coverage which can help to cover some (or all) of the costs of exam and consultation fees associated with a particular illness or condition, they likely offer slightly better coverage.

However, Trupanion’s coverage is very good, as well. Trupanion will allow you to get full coverage on even older pets as long as you enroll them in the coverage prior to turning 14 years old.

This is a very generous policy that might make Trupanion’s insurance stand out for those that have older pets.

Deductible and Monthly Costs


Figo has one single annual deductible. Therefore, once you have met your specific deductible, you will no longer be forced to pay a deductible fee for the remaining portion of your policy period.

They don’t split out their deductible to get you to have to pay more for specific issues or illnesses that your pet might have.

This can end up saving you a lot because you won’t be constantly having to spend your own money on various pet care costs that you would if they split them apart.


With Trupanion, you will need to pay a per condition deductible.

Therefore, even if you have met your deductible for a specific condition or health issue, if your pet experiences something completely unrelated, you will be forced to pay a new deductible.

That being said, they offer a 90% reimbursement once you hit the deductible. Even so you are still saving a lot of money.

This is especially true if you are dealing with major expenses.

Which Insurance Option is Cheaper?

Because there is only a one time deductible with Figo and because add-on coverage can gain additional coverage for consultation and exam fees, it is a cheaper insurance plan for most.

However, Trupanion is well known for not increasing premiums as your pet ages. In the long run, it might actually turn out to be the cheaper option.

Having this level of stability with your pet insurance coverage might be something that makes you more willing to pay more for in the short term.

Claims Process and Waiting Periods

how long does it take to get your money back


When it comes to the waiting period for illnesses, Figo leads the pack. They offer a minimal 14 day waiting period for illnesses. However, they have a much longer waiting period for orthopedic coverage at 6 months for things like a knee issue.

The good thing about Figo is that they have a very slick web interface and mobile application.

Therefore, you will be able to handle a lot of your pet’s insurance issues directly on the web or from your mobile phone.


Trupanion has a waiting period for illnesses at 30 days.

This means you will need to wait longer, but they do have a 5 day period for accidents and a much shorter 30 day waiting period for orthopedic coverage.

Trupanions’ claim process is much more methodical but it is very reliable.

They have a detailed claims process on their website. You simply submit your claim online or send it to their email address. You will then have your claim reviewed and closed.

Who Has the Better Claims Process?

When it comes down to figuring out who wins out in terms of the claims process, it comes down to your specific case. For most, the minimal 14 day waiting period for illnesses is going to win out.

However, Figo does have a longer period for older dogs with knee issues. Therefore, it might change depending on circumstance.

Figo offers a superior AI claims assistant and the ability to file claims directly from their mobile app – they make the entire claims process simple, easy, and effective.

Customer Testimonials

giving a thumbs up for both Trupanion and healthy paws


Figo is one of the well-respected pet insurance companies on the market. They are much newer than Trupanion. If you check their reputation scattered across the web, you will find that they have a 3.5 out of 5 on Yelp, a 4.7 out of 5 on Trustpilot [3], and a 3.4 out of 5 on Google reviews.

Therefore, they have a very steady and solid reputation across the board.


Trupanion, on the other hand, has a 2.5 out of 5 on Yelp and a 4.5 out of 5 on Trustpilot [4]. The reviews are much more mixed, but averaging them out yields a very good score (see how we rate them).

Who Has the Higher Rating?

There is no definitive winner in terms of who has the best rating when comparing Figo and Trupanion. Each company has a lot of positive feedback from former and current customers.

In fact, each company has a B+ rating with the Better Business Bureau which means that you can count on them to handle issues when presented.

However, Trupanion does have a 4.5 out of 5-star rating with the BBB with over 100 reviews. Whereas, Figo only has a 1.5-star rating, but with only 18 reviews.


When all is said and done, each of these insurance companies offers a good option for pet owners.

Simply having pet insurance is one of the best ways to protect yourself from dealing with a pet emergency. You really cannot go wrong when choosing from the two companies discussed above.

They each are well respected in the industry and they have their unique pros and cons.

Figo is one of the best companies that you should be considering if you are looking for an insurance company that offers full coverage for exam fees and consultations. Along with this, it is a good option for those that want to have a much more streamlined and intuitive claims process as you can do a majority of it on your mobile phone.

However, they are much newer than Trupanion which means they have a shorter track record of reliability. Trupanion is a good option for those that want an established company with transparent coverage and fair premiums.

While they have a few exclusions, they offer 90 percent reimbursement and a reasonable deductible which makes it a good option for most pet owners.

Our First Choice?

superpets approved

If we had to pick one, we would give a slight edge to Figo. Figo might be a newcomer, but they are completely changing the game by offering full coverage for exam fees and by providing the shortest possible waiting periods for illnesses.

They also happen to offer superior customer service by providing efficient customer service via online chat and through text messages. Therefore, you will be able to contact them whenever you want using whichever method you want.

They also offer real-time claim status information with push notifications which makes it easy to stay up to date on all of the latest information going on with your insurance claim.

These little things really help to add up to make Figo’s insurance such a good deal.

The entire claims process from start to finish and the customer service that you get with their insurance is top-notch and it makes everything a lot easier to deal with as dealing with an injured or sick pet is stressful enough.


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