Trupanion vs. Healthy Paws Pet Insurance: An Easy Winner?

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Pets are like family you get to choose.

In some cases, they become part of the family without anyone even preparing for it. And if you’ve taken your dog or cat to the vet, you will know how expensive this trip can be.

Of course, these trips are necessary if you want your pet to stay healthy and happy. Which is why pet insurance companies like Trupanion and Healthy Paws exist.

The last thing you need to worry about when the health of your pet is in jeopardy should be the possible costs.

Both of the companies that form part of this comparison bring different benefits to the table. More importantly, they both make it a lot easier to maintain the quality of life for your furry family members.

The question is which company is best suited for your financial situation?

Keep reading this Trupanion vs. Healthy Paws comparison and it should become clear who you need to contact first.

Credibility Rating for Trupanion & Healthy Paws

giving a thumbs up for both Trupanion and healthy paws

Before digging deeper into what these respected companies have to offer, you probably want to know what makes them worthy in the first place?

Apart from both companies showing extensive experience when it comes to providing pet insurance, they are recognized by veterinarians and hospitals across the country.

Add all the reviews of Trupanion and Healthy Paws have collected, and you won’t have any further doubts you are dealing with professionals.

Coverage Options

The best place to start a comparison like this is by looking at the coverage options. It is important to understand what is covered, seeing as every company uses a different approach.

Here is what Healthy Paws and Trupanion respectively offer regarding coverage.

Healthy Paws

Expect some extensive cover from Healthy Paws if you have a cat or dog.

The options include emergencies, chronic conditions, cancer, as well as hereditary or congenital conditions.

A complete list can be found on the Healthy Paws website [1], or you can read our review to learn more.. But to give you some idea of what you get, here are some examples:

  • Diagnostic Treatment
  • X-Rays, Blood Testing And Ultrasounds
  • Surgery and Hospitalization
  • Speciality Care and Prescription Medication

Naturally, your pet will not be covered for a pre-existing condition, but this is a mandatory rule for most medical insurance plans.

As for unexpected accidents or issues that surface after you have taken out pet insurance with Healthy Paws, you can be reimbursed up to 90% (more details about reimbursement are provided in the claims section).

You’ll be happy to know coverage from Healthy Paws is based on a single straightforward plan that is completely transparent.

And this plan makes sure every base is covered you can possibly need to keep your pet healthy.

At the same time, you do not have to worry about hitting a limit. This pet insurance is not capped, which means it goes the distance when your pet needs it the most. Plus, you are at liberty to visit any licensed vet you like.

However, Healthy Paws does not cover annual wellness exams or teeth cleaning. These need to be covered by you, the owner.


Just like Healthy Paws, Trupanion believes in providing a comprehensive pet cover for any unexpected situation, whether you have a dog or cat [2].

But it also offers additional packages that complement the existing cover, although these cost extra.

They include the Recovery and Complementary Care Rider package, and the Pet Owner Assistance Package. To break down the coverage you can expect, here are some examples from the list available on the site.

  • Surgery
  • Diagnostic Tests
  • Hospitalization
  • Medication
  • Herbal Therapy
  • Prosthetic Devices And Carts

It is understandable that pre-existing conditions or problems will not be covered by Trupanion, but you are at liberty to go to any licensed vet.

Also, wellness exams are not included in the coverage.

Which One Has Better Coverage?

The answer depends mostly on your situation. Healthy Paws does not quite cover all the unexpected problems like Trupanion, but they are not capped in terms of maximum claims. So, Trupanion has more to offer when it comes to options.

While Healthy Paws does not limit how much you ultimately need to claim.

Deductible and Monthly Cost Comparison

a stack of coins

The next step is to look at the cost of the coverage and should you expect to pay more after you make a claim? And remember, transparency is key. The last thing you want are additional costs you did not see coming.

Healthy Paws

The exact cost of the insurance your pet qualifies for depends on several factors. These factors include the breed and age of the pet. But according to the website [1], the affordable plans start from as low as $15 for cats and $20 for dogs.

The insurance is based on an annual deductible, starting from the date you enroll, and the cost of the premium might increase after putting in a claim.


Naturally, finding out exactly how much pet insurance with Trupanion is going to cost requires answering several questions.

But they do make it clear they work with an annual deductible system.

Which One is Cheaper?

For the most part, Healthy Paws is the more affordable choice for pet insurance.

But an exact comparison won’t be realistic due to the quote system that needs to be filled in.

Claim Process

how long does it take to get your money back

The claim process alone can be the deciding factor for certain pet owners. More specifically, they want to know how many hoops they have to jump through in order to get reimbursed.

The following should clear up how Trupanion and Healthy paws approach claims from valuable customers.


There are different options for claiming from Trupanion. For example, hospitals and vets that have partnered with Trupanion work with Vet Direct Pay.

This means they can send the invoice to Trupanion on your behalf.

In cases when the vet or hospital is not in partnership with Trupanion, you can submit the claim online by filling out the provided invoice.

From there, the claim is reviewed by Trupanion and closed if they approve it. The company does not really specify how long the claim process takes, which means it is better left discussed with the company itself.

Healthy Paws

It is incredibly easy to put in a claim with Healthy Paws. All you need is a photo of the bill from the vet, which you send through.

According to the website, they try to handle every claim within 2 days. In terms of how much you get back, Healthy Paws can cover up to 90% of the bill.

And this means the actual bill from the vet, and not what the insurance company thinks the bill should be.

Who Has the Better Claim Process?

When it comes to the claim process, Healthy Paws makes it a lot more convenient to put in a claim. And they make a point of it to handle the claim with urgency.

Trupanion, on the other hand, makes the claim process slightly more complex and longer.

Customer Ratings

superpets approved

You can tell a lot about a company based on the honest reviews they receive. This is how Healthy Paws stacks up against Trupanion.


Trupanion enjoys a great collection of glowing reviews. And authority review platforms like Trustpilot put Trupanion at 4.5 based on more than 1500 reviews [3].

Healthy Paws

The customer ratings for Healthy Paws clearly lean towards a positive experience.

Considering all the benefits mentioned above, as well as the quick and easy claim process, it’s no wonder most pet owners are very pleased with their choice.

According to Consumer Advocate [4], Healthy Paws has been rated the best overall.

Which One is Rated Better?

When it comes down to it, Healthy Paws takes another win in their column.

The research shows that Trupanion is the most popular choice for vets, but Healthy Paws is the more popular choice among pet owners in general.

Comparison Summary

weighing the pros and cons of trupanion and healthy paws

Make no mistake; both of the pet insurance companies in this comparison deserve the credit they get. Both make it incredibly easy for pet owners to handle situations nobody can see coming.

And with the cost of treatment these days, pet owners cannot afford to be without insurance.

So, when looking at Trupanion, you are getting more extensive coverage.

If you want your pet to be covered for unexpected situations other insurance companies don’t usually offer, they can be the right choice. But other than the additional incidents they cover, it seems more logical to lean towards Healthy Paws.

For starters, Healthy Paws will likely have a cheaper quote. And they do not put a limit on how much can be claimed, seeing as some conditions can require treatment for years to come.

Then consider how easy Healthy Paws makes the claim process. With just a photo of the bill and a promise to handle the claim with as much speed as possible, Healthy Paws keeps looking better.

Most pet owners are likely to be happier with Healthy Paws pet insurance when compared to Trupanion.

Although Trupaion is still great insurance when looking for an alternative to Healthy Paws.


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